Why do you need to maintain your website?

Due to frequent breakdowns of malicious scripts on websites, as well as the large number of bots that are trying to break in by finding even the smallest security breach, maintaining a website has become something that is almost mandatory if you want your site to remain free from hacking attacks and without links to other unsafe sites. Besides that, the scripts that pop up on your site can take data from your visitors, make them type in their login details for their email…

All that can lead up to Google blocking your website and setting warning that your website is infected. It can even remove your website so it wouldn’t be shown on the search page. You will also lose everything that you worked on in the last couple of years.

What do you get when you choose to maintain your website?

Updating your data and wordpress twice a year

Transferring your website to a safer hosting if needed

Installation of security plug-ins, if needed

The price of maintaining the website: 30 euros per year

If you are interested, you can contact us.